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DTM = Number of days from planting seed to 1st dry pods on plants at 6,700 feet altitude.

Algarrobo beans
100 - Algarrobo

Rare Columbian variety with a Thunderbird design. Absorbs flavors well. Smooth texture, versatile cooking bean.

Bush. DTM 81-87 days

Black Valentine beans
107 - Black Valentine

Heirloom by 1850. Valued by cooks as fresh snap beans and a hearty addition to soup as dry beans.

Bush. DTM 86 days

Borlotto beans
109 - Borlotto

Italian Heirloom. Gourmet fresh shelling beans. Retains shape, excellent in soups and baked dishes.

Bush. DTM 88-94 days

Brown Dutch beans
110 - Brown Dutch

Pennsylvania Dutch Heirloom. Has a slight nutty flavor. Great in baked dishes and chili.

Semi-vining. DTM 87-96 days

Calypso beans
111 - Calypso

Rare variety developed in Europe with a yin-yang marking. Retains shape and firm texture, good in soups and baked dishes.

Bush. DTM 87-90 days

Dog beans
114 - Dog

Heirloom from the Jacobs Cattle family with a dog figure around the hilium. Versatile in hot or cold dishes, absorbs flavors well.

Bush. DTM 81-86 days

Flagg beans
240 - Flagg

Rare variety from Canada. Large beans cook quickly. Smooth texture, slight Lima/Butter Bean flavor. Good in hot or cold dishes.

Pole. DTM 96 days

Good Mother Stallard beans
115 - Good Mother Stallard

Heirloom grown by the Drowns family for generations. Rich, meaty flavor blends well in a variety of hot or cold recipes.

Pole. DTM 124 days

Hopi Purple String beans
117 - Hopi Purple String

Heirloom from Hopi farmers. Smooth texture, thin skin, pleasant flavor. Good choice for chili or any Southwest cuisine.

Semi-vining. DTM 88-91 days

Hutterite Soup beans
118 - Hutterite Soup

Rare Heirloom brought to U.S. by the Hutterites. Dry beans cook down into a creamy, thick soup.

Bush. DTM 88-91 days

Jacobs Cattle beans
119 - Jacobs Cattle

Ancient Heirloom. Favored for its ability to absorb flavors while retaining its shape and texture.

Bush. DTM 86-94 days

Kilham Goose beans
120 - Kilham Goose

Rare variety. A Kilham family heirloom from Washington state. Retains shape, smooth texture, good in hot or cold dishes.

Semi-vining. DTM 95 days

King of the Earlies beans
121 - King of the Earlies

Heirloom from Maine. Among earliest to mature dry. Smooth texture, thin skins. Versatile in hot or cold dishes.

Bush. DTM 80-86 days

Kishwaukee Yellow beans
122 - Kishwaukee Yellow

Rare variety developed in Illinois by Russ Crow. Large pods have mild wax bean flavor. Dry beans are a random mix of colors.

Bush. DTM 91-109 days

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