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DTM = Number of days from planting seed to 1st dry pods on plants at 6,700 feet altitude.

Maine Sunset beans
126 - Maine Sunset

Rare variety. Mild flavor compliments many recipes. Smooth texture, thin skin, absorbs flavors well.

Bush. DTM 86-89 days

Magpie beans
127 - Magpie

Heirloom from France, introduced in U.S. in 1907 as “Superlative”. Markings resemble Magpie bird's plumage. Use as a snap bean or dry in soup.

Bush. DTM 91-96 days

Midnight Black Turtle beans
128 - Midnight Black Turtle

Heirloom. Traditional favorite in American Southwest. Slightly musky flavor blends well with Latin cuisine.

Bush. DTM 96-101 days

Mrocumiere beans
279 - Mrocumiere

Rare variety from Kenya. Prolific and early to mature dry pods. Cooks quickly. Adds a mild “bean” flavor to any dish.

Bush. DTM 86 days

Painted Pony beans
137 - Painted Pony

American Heirloom. Smooth texture and pleasant flavor. Versatile in hot or cold dishes.

Bush. DTM 87-92 days

Papa de Rola beans
138 - Papa de Rola

Rare Heirloom from Portugal. "Dove's Breast" retains shape in soups and baked dishes. Pleasant flavor.

Semi-vining. DTM 91 days

Pawnee beans
139 - Pawnee

Heirloom. Versatile cooking bean from the Jacob's Cattle family. Creamy texture, absorbs flavors well, retains shape.

Bush. DTM 86-90 days

Pepa de Zapallo beans
140 - Pepa de Zapallo

Rare variety from Chili. Rich flavor, smooth texture, and tender skin. Great for chili or refried beans.

Semi-vining. DTM 76-81 days

Peruvian Goose beans
142 - Peruvian Goose

Rare, Heirloom variety. Smooth texture, mild flavor, and thin skin. Good choice for soup, baked beans and other hot dishes.

Pole. DTM 94 days

Pink beans
143 - Pink

Heirloom brought to America by the Spaniards. Smooth texture and tender skins. Great choice for chili or refried beans.

Semi-vining. DTM 83-108 days

Prince beans
144 - Prince

Heirloom introduced in the 1920's. Sweet flavor and creamy texture. A nice addition in soups or salad.

Bush. DTM 79 days

Six Nations beans
150 - Six Nations

Heirloom from Iroquois tribe. Prolific horticultural type beans. Retains shape and firm texture in hot or cold dishes.

Semi-vining. DTM 90-92 days

Tarahumara Capirame beans
157 - Tarahumara Capirame

Rare variety from Chihuahua, Mexico. Versatile cooking bean. Smooth texture, tender skin. Matures early.

Bush. DTM 79-81 days

Trout, Black & White beans
162 - Trout, Black & White

Heirloom from Jacobs Cattle family. Creamy texture, absorbs flavors well, and retains shape.

Bush. DTM 77 days

Vermont Cranberry beans
163 - Vermont Cranberry

New England Heirloom. Favored as fresh shelling beans and used dry for baked dishes and soups.

Bush. DTM 88-108 days

Zuni Shalako beans
165 - Zuni Shalako

Rare Heirloom from Zuni farmers. Smooth texture and tender skin. Excellent choice for Southwest cuisine.

Semi-vining. DTM 92-99 days

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